Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Can Confirm The World Is Flat

Happy New Year Everyone! I have just climbed my way back onto the face of the earth. I was just minding my own business – about a month ago – and wham-o! I fell off! For years – nay, decades at least – scientists have been telling us that the world is round and safely traveling along its’ own orbit so you can imagine my surprise when I fell off!!

Have you ever been broad-sided by life? Completely knocked off your course and didn’t see it coming? If you’d asked me a month ago if I could see myself where I am today, only a few weeks in future, I’d have laughed and assumed that YOU were crazy but here I am. Life has taken a profound change in direction with a high, a low and a grand dose of sanity. Welcome to a fresh start in 2009.

Parents beware – you are people too, individuals with identities independent of your family, your children, your favourite TV Show – and if you ignore this fact for too long you might find yourself falling off the edge too. Have you had a life changing experience this year? Do you have a fresh start planned for the New Year? I’d like to kick off this year’s blog with your stories and an open discussion to be shared on Gingerbread Families – No Cookie Cutter Life! This is your invitation to join that forum and hear about my stories from the edge.

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